AG13 Button Cell
AG13 Button Cell

AG13 is the most widely used button cell battery and the prices vary greatly.  It can be easy to overpay for these batteries.  Its always best to shop around.

How much can you save by shopping around. Check out these prices we have found and check out the savings.
$4.99 + tax for a single battery? Very expensive.$9.99 + tax for three batteries? A little better but $3.33 per battery is still a lot.$2.00 for 10 batteries and free shipping? Now that is a hot deal!
As you can see, if you bought 10 batteries at the store, that could cost you up to $49.90.  Or if you buy them online, it would only cost you $2.00.  How is this possible you ask? The truth is, AG13 button cells are cheap to produce because of their popularity. When you buy generic batteries, you are not paying the big markup from branded batteries. Also, the ones you find in stores use silver for extra capacity and silver is expensive right now. The extra capacity might give you up to 50% longer life, but for 5 dollars you could buy 25 generic AG13 batteries. It's pretty obvious the $5 brand name battery won't last longer than 25 AG13 batteries.

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